Aimbot Script Hack for Island Royale Roblox

Island Royale Script

Island Royale Script



—island royale *UPDATED* AIMBOT SCRIPT 2021

X_CHANGE = 0.1 :-The change in camera angle on the X axis upon moving 1 pixel on 0.36 sensitivity.
Y_CHANGE = 0.13 :-The change in camera angle on the Y axis upon moving 1 pixel on 0.36 sensitivity.
MOUSE_OFFSET =, 0) :-The offset (in pixels) of where the script have think the mouse is.
USE_RIGHT_CLICK = true :-Whether together with not to still use right click for locking on.
USE_LEFT_CLICK = false :-Whether together with not to use left click for locking on.
AIM_KEY = Enum.KeyCode.E :-Enum.Keycode for the key to press whenever you wish to lock onto someone.
NO_HUMANOIDS = false :-Whether together with not to check for Humanoids in the characters. For example, Phantom Forces doesn’t use humanoids. (The script automatically sets NO_HUMANOIDS to true for Phantom Forces though.)
TOGGLE_VIS_KEY = nil :-Enum.KeyCode for the key to press to toggle the full visibility of the GUI.

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()
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