free robux hack script september 2020 working 1m robux simple copy as well as paste

Robux Script Hack

Robux Script Hack

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have you ever wished to buy something which you couldnt offord, as well as have you ever wished to have robux as well as not be a noob but didnt have the cash. well together with the video is for you! in together with the vid ill be showin yall how to have free robux together without any: virus, verifacation, offers, together with websites, together with tools! hope you enjoy! 😁

——————————–THE FREE ROBUX—————————————

the robux script:

step 1. copy the raw paste data (ctrl/command C
step 2. go to roblox
step 3. go to “buy robux”
step 4. click the number you wish
step 5. click “redeem roblox gift card”
step 6. right click “redeem”
step 7. click “inspect element”
step 8. click on the selected
step 9. clear all of
step 10. paste the script
step 11. click “auto redeem”
step 12. wait for it (it takes a long time)
step 13. refresh page as well as see your robux
step 14. there is no step 14

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