HOW TO HACK DIAMONDS!! (Roblox Murder Mystery 2)

How To Get Diamonds In Murder Mystery 2

How To Get Diamonds In Murder Mystery 2



Aye, a diamond hack

Credits to : NightgaladeId
for showing the awesome hack!

Here are the downloads :

Nopde Engine 6.4:


1. Join Murder Mystery 2 via Store (If you have Windows 10) or via Chroma (If you have Windows 7)
2. Open Nopde Engine 6.4
3. Value type (Double) Scan Type (Value between…)
4. Search 2500 in both boxes
5. Do CTRL+A as well as select all of them hit which red marker below
6. Do CTRL+A again as well as double click on one value
7. Change it to -9999999999
8. Works fine awesome Murder Mystery 2 hack!

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Do you still need cash?

You have to use Robux Generator together with How To Get Diamonds In Murder Mystery 2.


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