Roblox High School 2 Hack : Money Hack (2021) Unpatched

Roblox High School 2 Script

Roblox High School 2 Script


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High School 2 Roblox Hack 2021 : Script Executor Acutally Works!

This is a Roblox High School cash hack which is unpatched and working in 2020! You may even change your jumpheight and speed! If you need help just comment or join my discord!

High School Hack :

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Skinhub Code : Sakpot

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GUI Money Dupe Hack : Roblox Highschool 2 (Unpatched) 2021

In with the roblox highschool 2 hack i showcase a GUI with cash hacks teleports in 2020! This gui hack has lots of different guis within it and has dupe cash cheat.

Highschool 2 Money Hack :

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Skinhub Code : sakpot
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Exploiting at Roblox High School part 2 | Roblox

This video was made not to offend the creators of with the online game, or anyone.
It was made for fun and comedy, I do not mean to harm anyone.
Thank you.

Please note which the video was somehow corrupted and “The big ban” scene didn’t come up, basically it was me holding a ban hammer and hitting people for 10 seconds and the video ends.

Part 3 might be coming as an apology for the corrupted video.

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==== Exploit used ====

==== Script Credits ====
====➜FE scripts: Sochi

====Music used====
Fluffing a duck
Monkeys spinning monkeys
Bad boys theme song (I sped up to prevent copyright)
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