Testing Viral TIKTOK Build Hacks AGAIN!!! (Bloxburg)

Building Hacks Bloxburg

Building Hacks Bloxburg


Testing Viral TIKTOK Build Hacks AGAIN!!! (Bloxburg)

Hey guys! Today we head into ROBLOX BLOXBURG to test a bunch of viral tiktok build hacks in bloxburg!! We went through tons of creative tiktoks to discover the best build hacks!! There was a couple of fails, but some of these hacks were so FUN as well as EASY, as well as they actually worked! Will I be able to make pets in bloxburg like dogs? Will there be the ability to learn some new hacks? Watch until the end to see all the TikTok hacks!

My different build hack video: https://www.punkuradio.com/www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6_-B1M2dLA&t=632s

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Roblox is the best place to Imagine with Friends. With the largest user-generated online gaming platform, as well as over 15 million games created by users, Roblox is the #1 gaming site for kids as well as teens (comScore). Every day, virtual explorers come to Roblox to create adventures, play games, part play, as well as learn with their friends in a family-friendly, immersive, 3D environment. -ROBLOX Website

Bloxburg is an online game on ROBLOX made by Coeptus with the help of FroggyHopz as well as different developers. It was withiginally founded off the Sims, but has quickly formed into it’s own game. On Bloxburg you’ll be able to build houses, partplay, as well as even work at all of their many jobs! It’s very fun as well as never gets old! For the low price of 25 robux you’ll be able to check it out here: https://www.punkuradio.com/www.roblox.com/games/185655149/Welcome-to-Bloxburg?refPageId=66ffe657-4069-41b5-b0f8-bd4d512b0fb7

Q as well as A πŸ™‚

What do you record with? Quicktime player on my iMac!

What do you edit with? I JUST switched to Final Cut Pro πŸ™‚

What do you make your thumbnails with? Photoshop!

Testing Viral TIKTOK Build Hacks AGAIN!!! (Bloxburg)

Do you still want robux?

You have to test Roblox Hack with Building Hacks Bloxburg.


Bloxburg | 12 Building Hacks [Roblox]

Need some Bloxburg Building ways & cheats? Check out these twelve building hacks that I’ve compiled for you!

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There is different types of building ideas I’ve used in with the video whether it is ideas for outdoor gardens with cool wall designs I’ve got a list here for you that will help make your home superior.

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πŸ”¨ 12 Building Hacks:
1. Breakfast Nook
2. In-Ground Trampoline
3. Glass Roof Plant Decor
4. Flat Rock Roof Plant Decor
5. Rock Wall Mounted Tv
6. Slim Window Design
7. Minecraft Bookshelf
8. Wall Design
9. Desecrated Grave
10. Tea Dispenser
11. Rainbow Birthday Cake
12. Bestiary Garden Design

πŸ”¨ Decals:
– Minecraft Bookshelf: 118554093
– Lipton Tea: 1414785834

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Hello everyone! Here are 10 building hacks, ways as well as cheats that you’ll be able to add in your builds! Let me know which one is your favorite! ^_^


β˜† Description β˜†

After brainstorming a few days ago, I was able to come up with new furniture, clutters, designs for your house, kitchen, commercial shops, malls as well as even for your Tokyo plot.
These hacks will be included in the Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo City. Also, credits to ilvyStar for contributing in designing some of the building hacks, together we had fun developing these! Some might be tricky but I’m certain you’ll be able to create them ^_^

Here’s a list of the custom furniture I made :

1. Kotatsu (Japanese Table Covered with Futon)
2. Go Board Game (Famous Chinese Board Game)
3. Basket Clutter
4. Rice Cooker
5. Spill Clutter (Idea by ilvyStar)
6. Soap Dispenser
7. Juice/Slush Dispenser
8. Soda/Slurpee Dispenser
9. Open Commercial Display Fridge (Idea & Design by ilvyStar)
10. Koi Fish Pond (Idea by yours truly, Design by ilvyStar)

Lastly, please do not reupload without giving credits. Thank you very much!

Hope you enjoyed with the video, don’t forget to leave a like button as well as get your attention if you haven’t yet, as well as if you want additional Bloxburg with Roblox content. Thank you very much! β™₯


β˜† Details β˜†

* Plot Value : —
* Data Plot Percentage :–
* Gamepass :Advanced Placement & Basement
* Decals Used : Majority of the decals used are uploaded as well as edited by yours truly, the rest may be searched throughout Roblox Decal Library. You may discover them in my inventory “Yumekookie” as well as my option account “Yumekochu” for additional decals. Make certain to follow the accounts so you’ll be able to view them.

Take note that I do not own any brand seen in with the plot. Credits to the rightful owners.


β˜† Special Thanks β˜†

Special thanks to my friend ilvyStar for designing the Display Fridge, Koi Fish Pond as well as the giving the idea of spill slime that I used in the video.

ilvyStar Youtube Channel : https://www.punkuradio.com/www.youtube.com/channel/UCVYzv4PARlRnDPt9WG3XuzA
Don’t forget to get your attention on his channel!

Also to my friend ccyel, who gave me the idea of using cutting boards for a whole new toolliances. Thank you guys so much! β™₯


β˜† My Social Media Accounts β˜†

* Twitter : https://www.punkuradio.com/twitter.com/yumekookiepie
* Instagram: https://www.punkuradio.com/www.instagram.com/yumekookiepie
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* Roblox Group: https://www.punkuradio.com/www.roblox.com/groups/4840361…


β˜† Most Frequently Asked Questions β˜†

Q. Where may I discover your decal codes?
A. I have begined my Roblox inventory so everyone may see as well as use them. Please make certain that you’re following my main account “Yumekookie” as well as option account “Yumekochu” for you for able to view the decals. Don’t forget to give credits β™₯

Q. Some of your decals are not listed, why?
A. Some of the decals that are not listed on my inventory as I’m using Roblox Decal Library Keywords : Tokyo, Ads, Anime, Food, Pastel, Aesthetic, Poster

Q. What video recorder as well as editor are you using to edit your videos?
A. I use Nvidia Shadowplay on recording videos as well as I use Adobe Premiere as well as Filmora for editing.

Q. How do you earn cash in Bloxburg so fast?
A. I do pizza delivery in-game when I have free time as well as my job level is 44.


β˜† Chapters β˜†

0:00 Intro
0:16 Building Hacks Preview
3:50 Kotatsu
7:02 Board Game
11:08 Basket Clutter
14:36 Rice Cooker
21:50 Spill Clutter
24:41 Soap Dispenser
28:29 Juice Dispenser
33:16 Soda Dispenser
36:53 Display Fridge
45:30 Koi Fish Pond


β˜† Credits β˜†


Outro Template : editingbymathieu
Credit: editing by matthieu
His channel: https://www.punkuradio.com/www.punkuradio.com/bit.ly/editingbymatthieu


β˜† Music Used β˜†

Song : 샛별 – A New Day!
Music supplyd by 샛별.
Link : https://www.punkuradio.com/youtu.be/UzSe0YUd9BM

Disclaimer: I do not own any music used in the video, credits to the artists as well as music recording studios.


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