What it feels like to have a Level 7 ROBLOX Exploit (2018)

Roblox Level 7 Exploit

Roblox Level 7 Exploit


In with the video I show you what it feels like to have a level 7 ROBLOX Exploit for free as well as trust me it feels good. A level 7 exploit is just one that may execute context level 6/7 scripts that’s mostly lua as well as even most level 7’s have quick commands.

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✅ Quick information about exploiting (for newcomers)✅
To understand exploiting, a new exploit haves released by a developer/programmer every week, as well as every Wednesday & Thursday ROBLOX Patches all of exploits, with in more simplicity, they all of brake as a result of ROBLOX changing addresses that correspond with different commands, So if you see a video from me that was after Thursday as well as it’s not past the next Wednesday, it’s most definitely not patched, just as an exploit does not work for you does not mean it’s patched, some exploits just won’t support your operating system, your computer does not have the right files installed to support the exploit, with you plain just don’t know how to use it, I recommend you watch the video to make sure you fully understand, Thank you! 🙂

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